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Well I pretend to make a blog reuniting as many pictures of guitar picks as I can.
I don't have many of them (I would like to have a great collection but you know it's pretty difficult).

SO I need your help!
Please SUBMIT your own pictures of picks.
The rules are: it must be a guitar (or bass) pick that YOU or someone you know have got in a concert. I mean: don't submit internet pictures of picks...
And would be perfect if you tell the world WHERE and WHEN did you get the Pick. And of course, from WHO it is!

I want to see the effort on every pick we get.

But I'm gonna reblog every pick's pics I find by searching "pick" in tumblr. Feel free to ask me to delete any post you don't want to see here. And if you see your pick here and want to add some info about it, just say it in the ASK box and I will copy&paste it in the post.

Thank you!

Take a look at my own collection!

These are some of the bands you can find on this tumblelog:
Bad Religion - Green Day - Barricada - Korn - Reincidentes - Marea - Koma - Def Con Dos - Asking Alexandria - Bring Me The Horizon - A Day To Remember - Metallica - Sepultura - Good Charlotte - Attack Attack - Pierce The Veil -

Mägo de Oz (front)

Mägo de Oz (front)



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